“There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.”


October 2015

Sally Draper on: Multiple Personalities


There’s an age for all of us when innocence dies. It’s sad, it’s dark, but it’s a fact.

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EOTD: Idle Hands


Disclaimer: I started this post an hour ago until I found the picture above and fell into a deep, dark rabbit hole of sleep deprivation and cyclical insomnia.

I mentioned the phrase “cyclical insomnia” today, only 58% sure it was a real thing. Spoiler: it is real. My particular brand is usually triggered by anxiety, which I suppose can be applied to my current EOTD–that is, the feeling of restlessness that struck around 11 PM and lasted until…I’ll let you know.

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Sally Draper On: Growing Up, Female Edition


We all have that friend.

Let’s be honest–that friend was probably us, at some point (or still).

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EOTD: Off the Wagon


For each of these EOTD posts, I’m going to throw my title/emotion into GImages and choose the labeled-for-reuse photo that makes me laugh out loud. I shouldn’t have to say anything about the above other than “horse face,” do I?

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EOTD: The Big Sleep

I’ve decided to try a new tack here, which is to narcissistically post about my own emotions on a daily basis depending which one is currently holding dominance at the time of typing.

What I want to happen: I will develop some insightful or thought-provoking prose centered around a general theme and gain some kind of clarity by the time I hit “Publish.”

What will actually happen: I will get home from work and whine for a few hours to a non-existent group of readers about my current, probably negative, state of mind.

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Sally Draper on: Facial Hair


Since that last post was a bit dark, I wanted to follow up with Sally’s famed feelings on facial hair–a topic near and dear to some hearts.

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Sally Draper on: Immortality


Preach, Sally, preach.

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Sally Draper On: Attracting Boys


How about that, Sally’s annoying friend? #spoiler?

But seriously, without getting to deep into neo-feminist beliefs and generally beginning a stream of consciousness wine-fueled rant, let’s talk about this. Because Sally makes an excellent point, if it’s not already redundant to say so.

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From Tumblr to WordPress: A Journey

I am no stranger to the undedicated blogger.

Recently I’ve delved into the darkest corners of the Internet–that is, all the abandoned blogs on various platforms that I started with optimism and an inflated view of my own wit and pop culture poignancy.

Since those shall not 404 in vain, I am going to take some of my favorite posts from my last Tumblr, “The World According to Sally Draper,” and repost them here before deleting the short-lived masterpiece.

Related: I really miss Mad Men.

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