I’ve decided to try a new tack here, which is to narcissistically post about my own emotions on a daily basis depending which one is currently holding dominance at the time of typing.

What I want to happen: I will develop some insightful or thought-provoking prose centered around a general theme and gain some kind of clarity by the time I hit “Publish.”

What will actually happen: I will get home from work and whine for a few hours to a non-existent group of readers about my current, probably negative, state of mind.

Oh well. It’s my blog and I’ll cry if I want to.

If anything, it will force me to write something, anything, once a day if I am in the mood to postpone Chapter 3 of my book.

So onward and downward, because today’s emotion is TIRED.

And I am positioning this emotion, on a Tuesday after a holiday weekend, as the difference between mental and physical exhaustion. A battle of the bones vs. a battle of the brain.

Normally I complain to my friends at certain points throughout the day concerning the former:
1. Before coffee
2. After coffee wears off
3. On or around 3 PM
4. Always

Today was a genuine embodiment of physical exhaustion. A four hour drive home last night followed by a sleepless night is a nightmarish recipe for an eight hour work day. But even that couldn’t trump the mental naptime my brain seemed to be embroiled in since yesterday.

Dealing with loss brings new meaning to the afternoon slump; by that I mean it’s an all-day slump and there is no caffeine fix that can provide a significant jolt. I feel like my brain has frozen over as a defense mechanism and no Excel sheet or email chain can pick through the tundra.

I’ll take the bone-tired exhaustion of physical fatigue any day.