How about that, Sally’s annoying friend? #spoiler?

But seriously, without getting to deep into neo-feminist beliefs and generally beginning a stream of consciousness wine-fueled rant, let’s talk about this. Because Sally makes an excellent point, if it’s not already redundant to say so.

We’ve all done it before. Hopefully back in middle school when we didn’t know any better, but even I know that’s wishful thinking. In a world where men are forever intimidated by strong, smart women, our automatic reaction is one extreme or the other. At work, being aggressive and intelligent is the status quo. But in relationships, it’s the opposite.

At the beginning, it’s obvious what most men are attracted to. Actually, it doesn’t matter what gender you are–nobody wants to spend a first date discussing the merits of Chekov versus Proust, or complex mathematical theorems worked out on bar napkins. But we girls have it harder–show too much of the grey matter and expect the phone to be silent the next day. This goes beyond the first date as well. I’m not generalizing–many of my guy friends appreciate a lady with a brain–but there’s a fine line. Especially when you throw in a better-paying job, a higher degree, and all the trimmings that come with being a smart girl.

Not that the fragile male ego is 100% to blame. I think part of the reason girls turn on the “dumb” switch is because we really, really love playing Princess Peach. That is, the quintessential damsel in distress. As in, we need a big, smart man to come change our flat tire, even though we totally know how to do it or at the very least look it up on our iPhone.

So we giggle, and pretend we only read the Cliff Notes of Great Expectations, and Sally Draper looks on in disdain because we KNOW BETTER. Because while they might like you, they will not respect you. Do I sound like your mother? That’s probably because mothers are always right, and you might as well just admit that now. It will make your life a lot easier.

Where was I? Oh yes, respect. Gaining anyone’s respect is tricky–a boy you want to date, a boss you want to impress, a new friend you want to make. But take Sally’s words of warning–if you act dumb, the boys will think you’re dumb. And nobody wants to be the dumb girl.

From Sally with Smarts.