and the sacrifices I make
will leave broken hearts in my wake.
but I can’t stand the thought of waking up next to you.

I don’t want to remember the end of December.
quiet snow on quiet roads, and you
burning like the last of the embers.

just up ahead is our old life,
and just up ahead are the old times.
don’t look back on the path we designed
there are flaws, but they’re all mine.

don’t go. but don’t stay.
I don’t want you here now but tomorrow i may.
I can’t see your face but I can’t look away.

because I can’t give up on what I never had
it’s like a chase that never ends.
you’re like the face that I can’t forget.

we’re a match made in a world of hate
a second chance when the first missed fate.
but have faith and have a heart
help me stand and I’ll stand apart.

If this is what you call “better than ever”
Well, it’s your call.
But you won’t answer when it’s my turn to break your fall.
Phony pleas turn to bloody knees. Hold your breath, but let me breathe.
I can’t breathe.