It’s too early for ultimatums
But it’s too late to walk out the door.
If you have to end it, do it my way.
I’m falling asleep, you’re falling away
I lied when I said that it meant something more.

i could make a mess and make a scene
and still be the one who comes out clean.
mark my words, i’ll make this worse
you only wanted the words I didn’t mean.

a last call for has-beens and never-hads
it’s the part of you I never had.
You mask your face and masquerade
And dress up to drive me away.

You’ll break me down before too long
I’d sell my soul to stay strong.
its small price to pay for slipping away
Through the door into a night gone wrong.

Can’t you tell it’s all an act?
Watch the stage or watch your back.
Mirrors aren’t as forgiving as you need
They break, you bleed. So take it back.

The sun has set on possibility.
And you. And me.
second chances are a lie
used to abuse your favorite line.
Call from home or from the road
But don’t call to say that you’re alone.

i’ll give you something to watch you tear it apart
but I’d give you my body before my heart.
I’ll give you an inch and you’ll run away
there’s miles between us every day.