I can’t have you, and I can’t be your friend,
 so it’s over.
you’re selfish, you’re not sorry.
but I’m sorry for you.
you’re a sore sight for blind eyes
you cut your face and cut our ties.

it’s the last train out of a fast town
an empty bed when the sun goes down.
best friends is just the label that has faded off the bottle.
this is the end of time, and the mending of mine.

the west coast never saw our sundown
and we’re running around to get ourselves out.
with satin and lace. with sadness and grace.
with lies up to our eyes that we say to save face.
your world has no room for my sad songs
my world has no room for you at all.
if you think your word is gospel, then my church is burning down.
its too late to be stepping up. so sit down.

so trace your two faces on the canvas I left
dig up one memory for every hundred I kept.
I’ll trade you silence for spite, darkness for light, last year for tonight.
because it was then I was wrong, and now this is right.
and there’s miles to go before I know, but I’ll make it the whole way alone.