This is all that’s left of me
Waiting on a lie and a few false lines.
This is not who I wanted to be
There’s a hole in my heart for the things I’ve left behind

but that’s a different story and you’re not even sorry
I’m out too late but you won’t even worry
from coast to coast we break the boat
we flood the floor but stay afloat

I’m in debt from spending time
taking yours and wasting mine.
I’m stepping on glass. You’re letting this pass.
I’m holding on strong and you’re caring much less.

I know what you’re thinking, you know this is sinking
But I won’t let us drown.
Next time you’re in town I’ll be around
I won’t let you down.
Like you’ve let me down.

You said you don’t need me, and you’ve never believed me.
But I never lied.
one false start and I’m finished, but it’s true
I’ve never had worst times than spending time with you.
call it my last resort, call it a first attempt, just don’t bother calling me again.
I had never tried.