a contradiction in terms

And you’re the last one to learn

If this is the worst it gets, I’ll place my bets

that you’re a gamble at best

on a quiet night you lose the light

but in the dark you’ll lose the fight

I’m cutting power lines.

Just sights and sounds. Not touch.

It does hurt this much.

I’ll sell my soul and make you pay

But not today. Just stay.

I’m turning down a chance at fire

With a lit match and a burning desire

I’m staying between the lines.


Don’t deny the distance

It eats away at our existence

I can’t feel you. or you.

Take a chance on a challenge

Surprise yourself. I’m beside myself.

I can’t feel you. not you.

I’m laying it on the line.


You say that now you’ve settled the score

But you were a liar long before.

Open the door. Stay awake for me.

I’ll be there. You’ll see.

You’ll see.

Crossing state lines.