“There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.”



of all the things I’ll miss

staying up with you, coffee and cigarettes


heavy are my limbs

the words, unsaid

they fill to the brim

then drop off from the joint.

they don’t float like ashes

they don’t sink into the dirt

limbs drop like bags of sand

untouched by years of silence

unmarred by fire

clean as glass, dirty as regret

how easy, how simple

it is to forget.

there’s always tomorrow

the words will say

there is no tomorrow

you’re not even here today.

memories apparate like a flame flickering out

quick to ignite, gone too soon.

the words are now mine alone

your ears unreachable for the thoughts unknown.


a contradiction in terms

And you’re the last one to learn

If this is the worst it gets, I’ll place my bets

that you’re a gamble at best

on a quiet night you lose the light

but in the dark you’ll lose the fight

I’m cutting power lines.

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I can’t have you, and I can’t be your friend,
 so it’s over.
you’re selfish, you’re not sorry.
but I’m sorry for you.
you’re a sore sight for blind eyes
you cut your face and cut our ties.

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It’s too early for ultimatums
But it’s too late to walk out the door.
If you have to end it, do it my way.
I’m falling asleep, you’re falling away
I lied when I said that it meant something more.

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hey darling, did you know
that I set us up to fail
and everything I’ve done has been for myself
and did you know
you may be special to me
but you’re one of a million to everyone else

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This is all that’s left of me
Waiting on a lie and a few false lines.
This is not who I wanted to be
There’s a hole in my heart for the things I’ve left behind

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and the sacrifices I make
will leave broken hearts in my wake.
but I can’t stand the thought of waking up next to you.

I don’t want to remember the end of December.
quiet snow on quiet roads, and you
burning like the last of the embers.

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The Bench.


The bench stood empty, a rare occurrence for a spot that had the best view of Cape Fear. So they took it, grinning around dripping red popsicles at their good fortune.

She wound her sticky fingers around his, and for a second he didn’t feel the surge of the sun or the dusting breeze off the river. He just felt happiness, and her.

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