“There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.”

Sally Draper on: Facial Hair


Since that last post was a bit dark, I wanted to follow up with Sally’s famed feelings on facial hair–a topic near and dear to some hearts.

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Sally Draper on: Immortality


Preach, Sally, preach.

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Sally Draper On: Attracting Boys


How about that, Sally’s annoying friend? #spoiler?

But seriously, without getting to deep into neo-feminist beliefs and generally beginning a stream of consciousness wine-fueled rant, let’s talk about this. Because Sally makes an excellent point, if it’s not already redundant to say so.

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From Tumblr to WordPress: A Journey

I am no stranger to the undedicated blogger.

Recently I’ve delved into the darkest corners of the Internet–that is, all the abandoned blogs on various platforms that I started with optimism and an inflated view of my own wit and pop culture poignancy.

Since those shall not 404 in vain, I am going to take some of my favorite posts from my last Tumblr, “The World According to Sally Draper,” and repost them here before deleting the short-lived masterpiece.

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when I think of you I think of trees.

not because of their height
or age
or strength.

you’re a palm when i see the sun
you’re a pine when the snow starts to fall
you’re an oak
like the one at the end of my street
where you held my hand
and let go.

I wake up to take a picture
of the sun rising over the trees

it’s what I do when you’re gone.

you’re reaching for something that’s not there
i’m reaching for you
you’re not there.

when i think of you i think of trees.

it’s fall where we are.
you’ve lost that part of you that kept you safe
that part that kept you close to me.
i’m picking you off the ground
but you let me down
it’s fall where i am. i don’t know where you are.

when i think of you i think of trees.


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