hey darling, did you know
that I set us up to fail
and everything I’ve done has been for myself
and did you know
you may be special to me
but you’re one of a million to everyone else

hey, did you notice the knife in my back
and how everything I touch turns to black?
I’m a curse, but you’re so much worse
a mistake you can never take back.

I only have faith in your smile
because you never wear it around
and you live up to expectations by letting everyone down.

hey darling, did you know
that my life is filled with greed
and I will take more from you than you’ll ever receive
and did you know
you may have found the door
but you’re not the one who can get up and leave

you think you’re such a catch
but I’m catching up to you.
you take everything for granted so I’m taking everything from you.

I never thought we’d get here
You never thought at all.
I’m wasting days on rooftops
Just to see you fall.